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Mitsubishi Driver

The Mitsubishi Melsec driver supports Q Series, QnA, A Series, and FX PLCs:

PLC RangeCommunication Modules
Q SeriesQJ71C24, QJ71C24-R2, QJ71C24-R4,
QJ71C24N, QJ71C24N-R2, QJ71C24N-R4,
QJE71E71-100, QJE71E71-B2, QJE71E71-B5
FXFX3U-232-BD, FX3U-232ADP, FX3U-485-BD, FX3U-485ADP, FX3U-ENET,
FX2N-232-BD, FX2N-485-BD, FX2NC-485ADP, FX2NC-232ADP,
FX1N-232-BD, FX1N-485-BD,
FX0N-232ADP, FX0N-485ADP,
FX-232ADP, FX-485ADP
QnA SeriesAJ71QC24, AJ71QC24-R2, AJ71QC24-R4,
AJ71QC24N, AJ71QC24N-R2, AJ71QC24N-R4,
A1SJ71QC24, A1SJ71QC24-R2,
AJ71QE71N3-T, AJ71QE71N-T, AJ71QE71N-B5, AJ71QE71N-B2, AJ71QE71N-B5T,
A1SJ71QE71N3-T, A1SJ71QE71N-T, A1SJ71QE71N-B5, A1SJ71QE71N-B2, A1SJ71QE71N-B5T
A SeriesA1SJ71UC24-R2, A1SJ71UC24-R4, A1SJ71C24-R2, A1SJ71C24-R4,
AJ71E71-S3, A1SJ71E71-B5, A1SJ71E71-B2,
AJ71E71N3-T, AJ71E71N-T, AJ71E71N-B5, AJ71E71N-B2, AJ71E71N-B5T,
A1SJ71E71N3-T, A1SJ71E71N-T, A1SJ71E71N-B5, A1SJ71E71N-B2, A1SJ71E71N-B5T

The Mitsubishi Melsec driver supports these data types: X, Y, M, L, S, F, B, TS, TC, TN, CS, CC, CN, D, W, R, SD, SM.

This driver can synchronize the PLC clock to the computer running Fernhill SCADA.

For further information see Mitsubishi Melsec Driver Reference in the online documentation.