Standard Tag Menu


The Standard Tag Menu provides access to the key features of a tag. For example:

Standard tag menu

Note: The menu entries available are dependent on the tag type, the tag's configuration, the tag's state, and the user's privileges.

Menu Contents and Order

The menu contents depend on the tag type, its configuration and state, and the user's privileges. The general order of entries in the menu is:

The Standard Tag Menu has two parameters:

TagNameThe full name of the tag used to build the menu.
MenuOptionsA comma separated list of keywords defining which options to include in the menu. If MenuOptions is an empty string, all menu options are included.

The following keywords are supported in the MenuOptions parameter:

TagFileCommandsInclude tag file commands, for example View Trend
TagShowOptionsInclude show menu commands, for example Show Events
TagCommandsInclude the tag commands, for example Write Value

Using the Standard Tag Menu

The standard tag menu can be accessed from:

Configuration Tool Tag Window The Tag Window menu includes all of the options in the Standard Tag menu. This provides a convenient place to test the configuration of a tag.
StandardTagMenu Function An operator action on a Graphic Page could invoke the StandardTagMenu Function to display the standard tag menu when the user clicks on a region of a graphic.
RowMenu Column Alias Defining a RowMenu column alias on an SQL list can invoke the Standard Tag Menu when a user clicks on a row in an SQL List.

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