Trend Window


The Trend Window allows you to view and optionally configure trends:

Trend window showing two tags

Two types of trend are supported:

Ad-hoc Trend

To display an ad-hoc trend:

  1. Ensure the Tag Window is active
  2. Right click on a Data Tag, which has historic storage enabled.
  3. From the pop-up menu, select Trend

Note: Trends are not supported on string tags.

Preconfigured Trend

A preconfigured trend is a Trend Tag in the tag database. The Trend Tag stores the configuration of the trend, for example which Data Tags are plotted, the X Axis timescale, and the title.

To create a new preconfigured trend:

  1. In the Tag Window, right-click on a folder and select Add New Tag, followed by Core, then Trend. This will create a new trend tag in the tag database.
  2. Press Return to accept the default name of the trend tag, or enter a name you choose and then press Return.
  3. To edit the trend do one of the following: In either case the Trend Window will open.
  4. Choose the tag you want to display on the trend and drag it on to the trend window.
    Note: Only Data Tags with historic storage enabled can be added to a trend.
  5. Click the Save button to save the trend definition to the tag database.

To edit an existing preconfigured trend do one of the following:

Add a Pen to a Trend

To add a pen to a trend:

  1. Select the Data Tag you want to add in the Tag Window.
  2. Drag the tag onto the trend.

Remove a Pen from a Trend

To remove a pen from a trend:

  1. Select the pen in the trend.
  2. Right click and select Remove.

Change the Pen Order in a Trend

To change the order of pens in a trend:

  1. Select the pen in the trend.
  2. Drag the selected pen to its new position.

Further Information

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