DirectWriteByte Command


The DirectWriteByte command directly writes one or more BYTEs to a PLC or Device.


DataAddress : ANY_STRING

The data address within the PLC or Device. The format of this parameter depends on the PLC type. See the remarks section to determine which format to use.


One or more words to write to the PLC or Device.


The DirectWriteByte command writes one or more bytes directly to a PLC or Device.

To use the DirectWriteByte command:

The format of the DataAddress parameter depends on the type of PLC being written to. Use this table to lookup the appropriate format for a given PLC type:

PLC TypeDataAddress Format
Idec Micro Idec Micro PLC Data Address Format
Siemens S7 Siemens S7 PLC Address Format

You can execute DirectWriteByte tag command from:


Fernhill SCADA VersionVersion 2.3
Required User RightDirectWrite

Applies To

The DirectWriteByte can be used with these tag types:

See Also

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