DIVTIME - Divide an interval by a number


Returns an interval divided by a numeric value.

Informal Syntax:

DIVTIME( In1, In2 )

Formal Syntax:

DIVTIME( In1:=expression, In2:=expression )


In1TIMEThe interval.
In2ANY_NUMThe number to divide the interval by.

In1 can be any interval values, positive or negative. In2 can be any integer or real value.

Return value

The function DIVTIME returns In1 divided by In2 as an interval.


ExampleReturn Value
DIVTIME( T#15s, 3 )TIME#5s
DIVTIME( T#-6h, 1.5 )TIME#-4h
DIVTIME( T#1d, -0.5 )TIME#-2d

Standards Compliance

Table 30.11b - IEC 61131-3 2nd Edition.

Table 35.11b - IEC 61131-3 3rd Edition.

Further Information

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