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Fernhill SCADA

Fernhill SCADA is free runtime SCADA. Deploy any number of SCADA systems with one low-cost developer license.

Fernhill SCADA finds applications in a range of industries from hydroelectric to wine production.

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Monitor and control hydrolelectric turbines with Fernhill SCADA.
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Monitor phtovoltaic arrays with Fernhill SCADA.
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Monitor and control production lines with Fernhill SCADA.
Production Line
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Monitor and track silo contents with Fernhill SCADA.
Silo Monitoring
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Monitor and control water treatment processes with Fernhill SCADA.
Water Treatment
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Monitor wind turbine arrays with Fernhill SCADA.
Wind Farms
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Monitor and control wine production.
Wine Production

For a detailed list of what Fernhill SCADA offers, see the Features Page.