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Fernhill SCADA Drivers

Fernhill SCADA supports a range of PLC and IT drivers...

DriverSupported protocols or devices
Allen BradleyMicroLogix, SLC-500, PLC-5.
CSV FileFiles formatted using Comma Separated Values (CSV).
Idec MicroMicro3, Micro3C and MicroSmart PLCs.
Mitsubishi MelsecL Series, Q Series, FX, QnA Series, A Series PLCs.
Message ServicesText Reports and email (SMTP) connector.
ModbusModbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, Modbus TCP.
Modbus SlaveModbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, Modbus TCP.
MQTTMessage Queuing Telemetry Transport.
ODBC ClientAny database supporting ODBC.
OmronCS/CJ, CP1, CPM1, CPM2, CQM1, C200H, C2xH, C40H PLCs.
OPC ClientAny OPC Data Access Server.
Siemens S7LOGO!, S7-200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200 PLCs, S7-1500.
SNMP ClientAny device supporting SNMP V1, SNMP V2c.
Random GeneratorGenerate random data for testing.
CoreCalculated tags. Internal Tags. IEC 61131-3 Programs.

If the driver you are looking for is not listed above, please let us know by sending a message to info@fernhillsoftware.com.