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Fernhill SCADA and IoT

Fernhill SCADA supports a range of drivers to support the Internet of Things (IoT)...

Fernhill SCADA Server showing IOT links

These drivers are supported:

Data File A driver to read data files formatted using Comma Separated Values (CSV) or JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). Map SCADA data point tags to data values in the file.
Message Services Provides Text Reports. Optionally publishes text reports to MQTT topics. Optionally sends text reports as emails. Provides an SMTP connector to send emails.
MQTT A Message Queuing Telemetry Transport driver. Map SCADA data point tags to MQTT topics. Supports TLS and user authentication.
ODBC Client Run queries on any database that supports ODBC. Map SCADA data point tags to positions in the query result.
OPC Client Map SCADA data point tags to OPC Item names in any OPC Data Access Server.
SNMP Client Map SCADA data point tags to Object IDs in SNMP Agents. Supports SNMP V1, SNMP V2c.
Random Generator Generate random data for testing.
Core Calculated tags. Internal Tags. IEC 61131-3 Programs.

There are additional drivers listed on the PLC Drivers page.

If the can not see the driver you are looking for, please let us know by sending a message to info@fernhillsoftware.com.