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SCADA Server

The Fernhill SCADA Server is a background service (or daemon) that runs drivers, collects and stores data, and provides that data to clients:

Fernhill SCADA server OPC .NET Framework API Java API ODBC Driver IEC 61131-3 SQL Mitsubishi Melsec Driver Omron Driver Siemens S7 Driver Idec Micro Driver Allen Bradley Driver Modbus Driver Data File Driver Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT) Driver OPC Client Driver ODBC Client Driver SNMP Client Driver All Drivers

The Fernhill SCADA Server is supported on:

Further information

FeatureTo Learn About
DriversWhich PLCs and data sources are supported.
Operator InterfaceThe free runtime user interface.
HistorianTypes of data stored in the historian.
Data AccessDifferent methods to access SCADA data.
Configuration ToolHow Fernhill SCADA is configured.
Autodetect WizardsHow autodetect wizards can simplify setup.