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In SCADA systems an alarm list provides a list of abnormal conditions.

The Alarm Column List is a comma separated list of column names that defines which columns are displayed in an alarm list.


The Alarm Column List has this syntax:

alarm-column-list ::=
  | '*'
  | column-name {, column-name }

The Alarm Column List has three forms:

Supported Column Names

These column names are supported:

Column NameDescription
Severity The severity of the alarm.
Timestamp The timestamp associated with the alarm.
Message The message text of the alarm.
Source The source of the alarm.
Condition The condition name of the alarm.
State The state of the alarm.
Count The number of times the alarm has occurred.
Value The current value of the data point associated with the alarm.
ActiveTime The date and time when the alarm transitioned to the active state.
AckUser The name of the user who acknowledged the alarm.
AckComment The comment entered by the user who acknowledged the alarm.

Where to Use an Alarm Column List in Fernhill SCADA

You can use an Alarm Column List in these area:


  1. All columns:
  2. The Timestamp, Source and Message columns:
    Timestamp, Source, Message

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