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Data Access

Fernhill SCADA provides a range of open standard interfaces and API to access automation data:

Fernhill SCADA data access interfaces OPC Fernhill SCADA Java API Fernhill SCADA ODBC Driver IEC 61131-3 SQL Mitsubishi Melsec Driver Omron Driver Siemens S7 Driver Idec Micro Driver Allen Bradley Driver Modbus Driver Data File Driver OPC Client Driver ODBC Client Driver SNMP Client Driver All Drivers
OPC UA An OPC UA (Universal Access) Server.
OPC Classic An OPC Classic Server supporting Data Access (DA), Alarm and Events (AE), Historical Data Access (HDA).
ODBC The ODBC Driver allows ODBC aware applications to access Fernhill SCADA data. For example, Microsoft Excel, or SAP Crystal Reports.
Java API The Java API allows Java programs to interface directly to Fernhill SCADA.

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