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You can create Graphic Pages to provide operators with a visual representation of your process or equipment. Operators can interact with graphic pages to view and manage your manufacturing process.

Graphic Pages are constructed using these elements:

Importing items

You can import items into graphic pages from external sources:

Graphic Editor Toolbar

The Graphic Editor Toolbar provides convenient access to the main graphic page editing tools:

Graphic editor toolbar

To draw an item:

  1. Select a drawing tool.
  2. Click and drag with the mouse to define the shape and size of the item.

As you draw the size and shape of the item is shown in the status bar of the configuration tool:

Status bar indicators

You also use the mouse to select items to edit. Single items can be selected with a mouse click. Multiple items can be selected by dragging a rectangle.

The Graphic Editor Menu is opened by right clicking on the drawing canvas. The menu provides access to the complete set of drawing commands:

Graphic editor menu

Using the graphic editor menu you can:

Data Bindings

You can use Data Bindings to animate graphics to reflect plant state. A data binding is a link between a graphic item and a database tag or expression. Changes to the value of the tag are reflected by a change in appearance of the graphic item.

For example, you could link the color of a pump symbol to a tag that monitors the pump state. When the tag is True the symbol color is green (indicating running). When the tag is False the symbol color is red (indicating stopped).

See Data Bindings for the description of each data binding option.

Operator Actions

An Operator Action is a sequence of IEC 61131-3 Structured Text (ST) Statements. These statements run when an operator interacts with a graphic page. Operator actions can be associated with:

Operator actions can do any of the following:

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