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Fernhill SCADA is Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software.

For general information about Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) see What is SCADA.

The rest of this article looks at the different tools in Fernhill SCADA that help you create SCADA applications:

Fernhill SCADA Concepts and Tools

Fernhill SCADA Feature Description
Database Tags Describes the following:
  • The different types of database tag.
  • How you can use folders to organize database tags.
  • The techniques for editing database tags.
  • How to manage references between database tags.
  • The commands you can execute on database tags.
Graphic Pages Describes how to build graphic pages to represent a process or equipment.
Linked Folder Describes how Linked Folders and Template Folders can reduce the work needed to create a SCADA application which has duplicate equipment.
Alarm Conditions Describes how abnormal conditions are represented and handled.
Data Historian Describes how data samples are recorded in the historian.
Event Log Describes how events are recorded in a historic log.
Color Values Describes how to set color values in Fernhill SCADA.
Standard Tag Menu Describes how to use the Standard Tag Menu, which provides a set of common commands for Database Tags.
Data Access Describes how access data in the Fernhill SCADA Database from external applications.
Number Format How to change the way numbers are displayed.
Date and Time of Day Format How to change the way date and time of day values are displayed.
Text Selectors How to retrieve part of a formatted text document.
URL Options How to customize the transfer of files to and from a URL.

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