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The configuration of database tags influences the behavior and operation of Fernhill SCADA. In this topic we look at:

Tag Types

Fernhill SCADA supports a wide range of database tag types. For example:

Each tag type is constructed from a number of Tag Components. For example:

The tag types are described in the Driver Documentation. Each tag type is documented in four sections:

Tag Folders

A Tag Folder is a container for other tags and folders.

You organize tags using the Tag Window of the Configuration Tool. You can organize tags using folders that best represents a process or equipment.

Tags organized using folders

Icons are used to indicate the type of tag. For example:

Editing Tags

The Tag Window supports these editing tools:

Tag References

Relationships exist between tags, for example:

Tag references can be absolute or relative:

Tag reference examples:

Host TagReferenceTarget TagComment
FolderA.Tag1FolderA.Tag2FolderA.Tag2Absolute reference
FolderB.Tag1FolderA.Tag2FolderA.Tag2Absolute reference
FolderA.Tag1.Tag2FolderA.Tag2Relative reference to FolderA
FolderB.Tag1.Tag2FolderB.Tag2Relative reference to FolderB
FolderA.Tag1..FolderA.Tag3FolderA.Tag3Relative backward reference

When you rename, or move a tag, the Fernhill SCADA Server will automatically update references in other tags.

You can use the Find References tool to quickly find out which tags refer to a tag.

Tag Commands

A Tag Command is a command that you can execute on a tag. For example:

You can execute tag commands from:

Different tag types support different sets of tag commands. Check the Driver Documentation to see which tag types support which tag commands.

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