Configuration Macros

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A Configuration Macro is an IEC 61131-3 Program that automates configuration.

You can use a Configuration Macro to:

Macro Menu

The Macro menu contains these commands:

New Creates a new macro file.
Open... Loads a macro from a file.
Open Recent Loads a recently opened macro file.
Save Saves the currently open macro.
Save As... Saves the currently open macro to a new file name.
Run Runs the currently open macro.
Debug Starts the currently open macro in the IEC 61131-3 Debug Window.

Macro Classes

You can use these class definitions in a Configuration Tool Macro:

Class DefinitionDescription
fhs.ConfigurationTool Provides access to the Configuration Tool.
fhs.GraphicPage Provides access to the Graphic Editor.
fhs.GraphicPageItem Provides access to an item on a Graphic Page.
fhs.GraphicPageItems Provides a way to enumerate items on a Graphic Page.
fhs.GraphicPageView Provides access to a view of a Graphic Page.
fhs.GraphicPageViews Provides access to the Graphic Editor Multiple Views.
fhs.Plot Provides access to the Plot Editor.
fhs.PlotPen Provides access to a pen in a Plot.
fhs.PlotPens Provides access to the pens in a Plot.
fhs.PlotXAxis Provides access to the X-Axis of a Plot.
fhs.TagWindow Provides access to the Tag Window.
fhs.TagWindowEntry Provides access to an entry in the Tag Window.

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