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When you start the Configuration Tool for the first time, a Start Page is displayed:

Configuration tool with Start Page highlighted

The Start Page provides convenient shortcuts to:

If, for any reason, the Start Page is not visible you can display it by:

  1. Click the View menu.
  2. Select Start Page.

Connecting to Fernhill SCADA

There are two ways to connect the Configuration Tool to Fernhill SCADA:

Add an entry to the Recent Connection List

To add a new entry to the Recent Connection List:

  1. Click Add new connection.... The Connect to Fernhill SCADA dialog opens:
    Connect to Fernhill SCADA dialog
  2. In the Connection name field, enter a name for the connection. This is optional.
  3. In the Computer name or Domain name or IP Address field, enter the details of the computer running Fernhill SCADA.
  4. Click OK.

If Fernhill SCADA is running on a remote computer, the connection will try to use Integrated Windows authentication. For this to work, there needs to be a trust relationship between the computer running the Configuration Tool and the computer running Fernhill SCADA. If there is no trust relationship, the connection will fail. To work around this:

  1. Turn off the Integrated Windows authentication option. The dialog will expand to show Username and Password fields:
    Connect to Fernhill SCADA dialog using username and password
  2. Enter the Username and Password of an account on the computer running Fernhill SCADA.
  3. Click OK.

Recent Connections

To manage Recent Connections:

  1. Right-click a connection.
  2. Choose one of these options:

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