.NET Framework API

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The .NET Framework API is a set of classes to allow programs written in the CLR languages to access a Fernhill SCADA Server:

Fernhill SCADA Application Interfaces

Using the .NET Framework API you can:

.NET Data Provider

The FernhillSoftware.Data.FernhillScadaClient namespace is a .NET Data Provider. The .NET Data Provider supports these objects to access data in Fernhill SCADA:

ConnectionEstablishes a connection to a Fernhill SCADA Server.
ConnectionStringBuilderAn object that provides a simple way to create a connection string used by the Connection objects
CommandExecutes a command on a Fernhill SCADA Server.
DataReaderReads a stream of data from a Fernhill SCADA Server.
ParameterDefines an input parameter to a Command.
ParameterCollectionA collection of parameters to use with a Command.

Further Information

.NET API Download.

For a link to download the .NET API.