How to Link Microsoft Access to Fernhill SCADA

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You can link Fernhill SCADA data tables into Microsoft Access. The Fernhill SCADA ODBC driver provides the link between the two software applications. Microsoft Access will forward queries on the linked tables to Fernhill SCADA.


Step 5 of this guide requires an ODBC Data Source Name to be configured for Fernhill SCADA. For more information see Setting up an ODBC DSN.

Linking Fernhill SCADA Database Tables to a Microsoft Access database

1. Start Microsoft Access.

2. Do one of the following:

3. On the External Data tab, in the Import & Link group, click ODBC Database. The Get External Data - ODBC Database dialog opens:

Microsoft Access Get External Data Dialog

4. Select Link to the database source by creating a linked table. Then click OK. The Select Data Source dialog opens:

Microsoft Access Select Data Source Dialog

5. Select the Machine Data Source tab:

Microsoft Access Select Data Source Dialog

Note: The list of data sources on your computer may be different to the list shown above.

6. In the Data Source Name list, select My Fernhill SCADA. If you used a different name when setting up your ODBC User Data Source Name, use that name instead. Click OK. The Import Objects dialog opens:

Microsoft Access Import Objects Dialog

Note: The list of tables depends on the tag types used in the project currently running.

7. Select CommonBase.TagDataPointAnalog. Click OK. The Fernhill SCADA database table will now be linked to your Microsoft Access database as CommonBase_TagDataPointAnalog:

Microsoft Access All Access Objects

You can create queries and reports on the CommonBase_TagDataPointAnalog table like any other Microsoft Access table.

Further Information

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