How to Link SAP Crystal Reports to Fernhill SCADA

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Crystal Reports is a business intelligence application used to design and generate reports from a wide range of data sources. You can use the Fernhill SCADA ODBC driver to provide data directly to Crystal Reports.

Linking a SAP Crystal Report to Fernhill SCADA

1. Start SAP Crystal Reports.

2. On the Start Page click Standard Report Wizard. The Standard Report Creation Wizard opens:

Crystal Reports Standard Report Creation Wizard

3. Expand Create New Connection, then expand ODBC (RDO). The ODBC (RDO) dialog opens:

Crystal Reports ODBC Data Source Selection Dialog

4. Select My Fernhill SCADA. Click Next>. The Connection Information page opens:

Crystal Reports ODBC Connection Information Dialog

Note: This step assumes an ODBC User DSN called My Fernhill SCADA has been set up.
For more information see Setting up an ODBC User DSN.

5. Leave the User ID and Password fields blank. Click Finish. The ODBC (RDO) closes, returning you to the Standard Report Creation Wizard:

Crystal Reports Standard Report Creation Wizard - Choose Data

6. Expand TagDB to show the Schema names in Fernhill SCADA

Crystal Reports Standard Report Creation Wizard - Expand TagDB

Note: The list of schema names shown may be different to the list shown on your computer.

7. Expand CommonBase then double-click TagDataPointAnalog. The Fernhill SCADA table TagDataPointAnalog appears in the Selected Tables list:

Crystal Reports Standard Report Creation Wizard - Select TagDataPointAnalog

8. Click Next>. Add these fields to the Fields to Display list: FullName, DisplayValue, and Timestamp.

Crystal Reports Standard Report Creation Wizard - Select Data Fields

9. Click Next> three times to complete the Fields page, and skip over the Grouping and Record Selection pages. The final page of the Standard Report Creation Wizard allows you to select a Template.

Crystal Reports Standard Report Creation Wizard - Choose Template

10. Click Finish. The report is displayed in the Crystal Reports application:

New report in the Crystal Reports application


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