Enable the OPC UA Server

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When you install Fernhill SCADA for the first time, the OPC UA Server is not enabled. This follows good security principles of only running services that are needed.

To use the OPC UA Server in Fernhill SCADA you must first enable it. To do this:

  1. Add the following to the Fernhill SCADA Server Parameters:


    The parameter OpcUAServer=True tells Fernhill SCADA Server to also run the OPC UA Server.

  2. Restart the Fernhill SCADA Server.

    See Managing the SCADA Server for the restart method that is appropriate to your operating system.

  3. Run the SCADA Server Monitor Tool to confirm the OPC UA Server is running:

    The Fernhill SCADA Server monitoring tool showing the OPC UA Server running.

    Note: Use the OPC UA Server Endpoint when you want to connect OPC UA Clients to Fernhill SCADA.

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