TagEnableAlarms - Enable alarms associated with a tag


The TagEnableAlarms function block sends an EnableAlarms command to a tag. An EnableAlarms command enables all of the alarms associated with a tag.


REQBOOL R_EDGEInputA rising edge starts the EnableAlarms command.
TAGNAMESTRINGInputThe name of the tag to send the EnableAlarms command to.
BUSYBOOLOutputSet to true while the EnableAlarms command is in progress.
DONEBOOLOutputSet to true for 1 execution after the EnableAlarms command has completed.
ERRORBOOLOutputSet to TRUE if the EnableAlarms command failed.
ERRORMSGWSTRINGOutputIf ERROR is TRUE, the reason why the EnableAlarms command failed.

Once the EnableAlarms command begins, additional requests from the input signal REQ are ignored until the tag command completes.

These timing diagrams show the relationship of the REQ, BUSY, DONE, and ERROR signals processing two requests. The first request completes with an error, the second request completes normally:

        +--------+     +-+ +------+
  REQ   |        |     | | |      |
      --+        +-----+ +-+      +------

        +------+       +------+
 BUSY   |      |       |      |
      --+      +-------+      +----------

               ++             ++
 DONE          ||             ||

ERROR          |       |
      ---------+       +-----------------

The BUSY signal is TRUE while the tag command is in progress. The DONE signal is TRUE for 1 execution after the completion of the tag command.

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