DNP3 Point Address

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Data in a DNP3 Outstation is stored in different locations depending on the intended use of the data. For example, there are separate locations for Binary Inputs, Binary Outputs, Analog Inputs and so on.

The DNP3 Point Address is a string that defines the location of data in a DNP3 Outstation. It consists of device type letters, followed by a numeric offset:

Device Type Format
Binary Input BI n
Binary Output BO n
Double Bit Binary Input DBI n
Analog Input AI n
Analog Output AO n
Counter CTR n
String STR n

Note: The numbers in DNP3 Point Addresses are zero-based.

Where Used

The DNP3 Point Address is used in these contexts:

Data Address Editor

The Point Address Editor provides a convenient tool to build DNP3 Point Address strings.

To open the Point Address Editor, click the Browse button Browse button of the IOItemName property:

DNP3 Point Address Dialog

If you select the point type and enter the point number, the dialog will construct the DNP3 Point Address string.

Further Information

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