DNP3 TCP/IP Channel Tag

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The DNP3 TCP/IP Channel Tag Channel Tag Icon provides an TCP/IP SCADA communication channel to a DNP3 Outstation.

Configuration Properties

The DNP3 TCP/IP Channel Tag supports the properties of the DNP3 Channel Tag plus these properties:

Property Type Version Description
EndPointType USINT 3.67 The type of end point:
  • Initiating (0) - The channel initiates connections to DNP3 devices.
  • Listening (1) - The channel waits for connections from DNP3 devices.
Host WSTRING 3.46 The network address of the DNP3 device. Use any of the following:
  • An IP address
  • A node name
  • A fully qualified domain name
This property is ignored if EndPointType is Listening (1).
Port WSTRING 3.46 The port number used for communication. The default port number is 20000.
IdleTimeout TIME 3.84 The the amount of idle time the driver waits before closing a connection from a DNP3 device. Only applies when EndPointType is set to 1 (Listening).

For DNP3 configuration properties see DNP3 Channel Tag.

Tag Commands

The DNP3 TCP/IP Channel Tag supports the tag commands of the DNP3 Channel Tag.

Example Configuration

This is an example of a channel configured to support a DNP3 Outstation at IP Address

Host192.168.1.56The IP address of the outstation.
Port20000The default port number for DNP3 communications.
SourceAddress101Fernhill SCADA uses DNP3 address 101.
DataLinkConfirm0 - NeverThe DNP3 driver sends all data using unconfirmed data.
ReplyTimeoutT#5sThe timeout for application requests to the Outstation is 5 seconds.

Relationships to Other Tag Types

The DNP3 TCP/IP Channel Tag builds on the features of these tag types:

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