GE Fanuc Channel Tag

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The GE Fanuc Channel Tag Channel Tag Icon provides a serial SCADA communication channel to GE Fanuc PLC Devices.

Configuration Properties

The GE Fanuc serial channel supports the properties of the Active Channel Tag plus these properties:

Property Type Version Description
Port WSTRING 3.74 The name of the communications port. For example 'COM1:'
Mode WSTRING 3.74 The serial port communication speed, data format and handshake mode.
Click the Browse button Browse button to edit the serial port mode using the Serial Port Mode Editor. You can also type in the serial port mode string directly. See Serial Port Mode String for how this property is formatted.
BreakFree BOOL 3.74 Controls whether a 'Break' is sent when starting communication with a PLC:
  • False: A break is sent to start communication.
  • True: No break is sent.
T1TurnaroundDelay TIME 3.74 The delay between receiving the last part of a message and sending the first part of the next message. Use this to support communication equipment that requires a delay between sending and receiving.
T2AckNakTimeout TIME 3.74 The maximum time to wait for an ACK or a NAK in response to a message sent by Fernhill SCADA. If an ACK or NAK is not received within this timeout, Fernhill SCADA will send the message again.
T3MaxIdleTime TIME 3.74 The maximum idle time allowed on the communication channel to the PLC. If no data is sent or received in this interval, Fernhill SCADA will send an Inquiry message to keep the channel active.
T4AfterBreakDelay TIME 3.74 The delay between sending a break signal and the first attach message. Note: Not used if BreakFree is True.

Tag Commands

The GE Fanuc Serial Channel Tag supports the tag commands of the Active Channel Tag.:

Example Configuration

This is an example of a channel suitable for a GE Fanuc PLC.

ModeBaud=19200 Parity=O Data=8 Stop=1


Relationships to Other Tag Types

The GE Fanuc Channel Tag builds on the features of these tag types:

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