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On the Linux operating system, GPIO is a set of flexible digital signals. The digital signals are usually provided by one or more GPIO Chip.

The Fernhill SCADA GPIO Driver allows you to associate I/O Data Point Digital tags with digital signals on a GPIO Chip.

Note: The GPIO Driver is only supported in the Linux version of Fernhill SCADA.

Fernhill SCADA GPIO Tags

The GPIO Driver provides these tag types:

Icon Tag Type Version Description
Microchip Icon GPIO Chip Tag 3.95 A connection to a GPIO Chip on a Linux operating system.

To configure Fernhill SCADA to communicate with data lines on a GPIO Chip, do the following:

  1. Create a GPIO Chip Tag.
  2. Create I/O Data Point Tags to represent the data lines in the GPIO Chip. For each I/O Data Point Tag you create:

Fernhill SCADA I/O Data Point Tags

You can use these I/O Data Point Tags to represent individual data lines on a GPIO Chip:

Icon Tag Type Version Description
Digital Data Point Tag I/O Digital Data Point Tag 3.12 Maps a Digital Data Point Tag to an external data source.

IOItemName Property

I/O Data Point Tags use the IOItemName property to define how the tag is mapped to the data source. In I/O Data Point Tags mapped to the SNMP Driver the IOItemName property is an ASN1 Object identifier.

To learn about what to put in this property, see GPIO Line Address Format.

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