Mitsubishi Melsec Driver

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The Mitsubishi Melsec driver supports L-Series, Q-Series, QnA, A-Series, and FX PLCs:

PLC RangeSupported Communication Modules
Q-Series QJ71C24, QJ71C24-R2, QJ71C24-R4,
QJ71C24N, QJ71C24N-R2, QJ71C24N-R4,
QJE71E71-100, QJE71E71-B2, QJE71E71-B5
FX FX3U-232-BD, FX3U-232ADP, FX3U-485-BD, FX3U-485ADP, FX3U-ENET,
FX2N-232-BD, FX2N-485-BD, FX2NC-485ADP, FX2NC-232ADP,
FX1N-232-BD, FX1N-485-BD,
FX0N-232ADP, FX0N-485ADP,
FX-232ADP, FX-485ADP
QnA Series AJ71QC24, AJ71QC24-R2, AJ71QC24-R4,
AJ71QC24N, AJ71QC24N-R2, AJ71QC24N-R4,
A1SJ71QC24, A1SJ71QC24-R2,
AJ71QE71N3-T, AJ71QE71N-T, AJ71QE71N-B5, AJ71QE71N-B2, AJ71QE71N-B5T,
A1SJ71QE71N3-T, A1SJ71QE71N-T, A1SJ71QE71N-B5, A1SJ71QE71N-B2, A1SJ71QE71N-B5T
A-Series A1SJ71UC24-R2, A1SJ71UC24-R4, A1SJ71C24-R2, A1SJ71C24-R4,
AJ71E71-S3, A1SJ71E71-B5, A1SJ71E71-B2,
AJ71E71N3-T, AJ71E71N-T, AJ71E71N-B5, AJ71E71N-B2, AJ71E71N-B5T,
A1SJ71E71N3-T, A1SJ71E71N-T, A1SJ71E71N-B5, A1SJ71E71N-B2, A1SJ71E71N-B5T

Any Mitsubishi communication module, not listed above, that supports Mitsubishi Melsec Communication (MC) protocol should also work with the driver.

Fernhill SCADA Mitsubishi Melsec Tags

The Mitsubishi Melsec driver provides these tag types to support communication with Mitsubishi Melsec PLCs:

Icon Tag Type Version Description
Channel Icon Mitsubishi Melsec UDP/IP channel 1.1 A connection to a Mitsubishi Melsec device using the UDP/IP protocol.
Channel Icon Mitsubishi Melsec serial channel 1.1 A serial port used for Mitsubishi Melsec serial communications.
PLC Device Icon Mitsubishi Melsec PLC Tag 1.1 A Mitsubishi Melsec PLC or communications module.
Register Block Tag Mitsubishi Melsec register block 1.1 A block of registers read from a Mitsubishi Melsec PLC.

The Mitsubishi Melsec tags you configure tells the driver how to interact with Mitsubishi Melsec PLCs.

The Serial Device Configuration Walkthrough provides step by step instructions on configuring tags manually.

Fernhill SCADA IO Data Tags

You can use these IO Data Tags to represent individual data points in the PLC:

Icon Tag Type Version Description
Analog Data Tag IO Analog Data Tag 3.12 Maps an analog tag to an external data source.
Digital Data Tag IO Digital Data Tag 3.12 Maps a digital tag to an external data source.
Word Data Tag IO Word Tag 3.12 Maps a 16-bit unsigned integer tag to an external data source.
Double Word Data Tag IO Double Word Tag 3.12 Maps a 32-bit unsigned integer tag to an external data source.

Autodetect Wizards

These autodetect wizards are supported by the Mitsubishi Melsec driver:

Mitsubishi Serial Searches serial ports for Mitsubishi PLCs.
Supports Q-Series, QnA Series, A-Series and FX PLCs.
Mitsubishi Ethernet Searches an Ethernet network for Mitsubishi PLCs.
Supports Q-Series, QnA Series, A-Series and FX PLCs

Equipment Connection Guides

Choose from these links for detailed equipment connection guides:

PLC Range Serial Modules Ethernet Modules
A-Series A(1S)J71C24(U) A(1S)J71E71, A(1S)J71E71N
QnA Series A(1S)J71QC24 A(1S)J71QE71N
Q-Series QJ71C24(N) QJE71E71

Further Information

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