Mitsubishi FX3U-ENET Connection Guide for UDP

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The FX3U-ENET Ethernet module allows software, such as Fernhill SCADA, to monitor and control a Mitsubishi FX3U PLC Device.

This guide shows you how to set up a FX3U-ENET Ethernet module to use MC Protocol over UDP.

Using the FX3U-ENET Ethernet Module

The FX3U-ENET Ethernet module must be configured before it can accept connections from external software. The aim of this article is to guide you through the configuration process.

You can use either of these methods to configure the FX3U-ENET module:

Once you have configured the FX3U-ENET module you can then Configure Fernhill SCADA.

Configure the FX3U-ENET Using FX Configurator-EN

  1. Open FX Configurator-EN:
    FX Configurator-EN before configuration

  2. In the first Ethernet Module settings field, select Module 0:
    FX Configurator-EN with module 0 selected

  3. Click Operational Settings to configure the module settings, the Operational Settings dialog opens:
    FX Configurator-EN operational settings

    Set the following parameters:

  4. Click END to close the Operational Settings dialog and return to FX Configurator-EN:
    FX Configurator-EN with configured operational settings

  5. Click Open Settings to configure link settings, the Open Settings dialog opens:
    FX Configurator-EN open settings

    Set link 1 to use these parameters:

    Set link 2 to use these parameters:

  6. Click END to close the Open Settings dialog and return to FX Configurator-EN:
    FX Configurator-EN with completed configuration

    If the Connection interface is not correct, click Transfer setup to configure the correct communication path to the PLC.

  7. Click Write to open the Write to Ethernet Modules dialog:
    FX Configurator-EN write settings to PLC

  8. Click Write to write the settings to the module, after a short delay the following warning dialog opens:
    Dialog to re-initialize the module

  9. Click OK to re-initialize the module, when complete the Completed dialog opens:
    Completed dialog

    Click OK to close the Completed dialog.

Configure the FX3U-ENET With a Ladder Program

If you do not have access to FX Configurator-EN you can configure the FX3U-ENET module using a ladder program.

The FX3U-ENET configuration is stored in the buffer memory (BFM) of the FX3U-ENET. You can write the configuration to the buffer memory of the module (BFM) using a ladder program.

As a minimum you will need to configure both the Operational Settings and the Open Settings.

Recommended Operational Settings:

Setting NameBFM NumberRecommended Value
Communication Data Code24 bit 10 - Binary
TCP Existence Confirmation24 bit 41 - Use KeepAlive
Send frame setting24 bit 50 - Ethernet V2.0
Initial Timing24 bit 81 - Always wait for OPEN
IP Address0 to 1

Recommended Open Settings:

Setting NameBFM NumberRecommended Value
Fixed buffer32 to 39 bit 01 - Receive
Existence confirmation32 to 39 bit 10 - No Confirm
Protocol32 to 39 bit 81 - UDP
Pairing open32 to 39 bit 70 - No pairs
Fixed buffer communication32 to 39 bits 9-1010 - Procedure (MC)
Existence confirmation32 to 39 bit 10 - No Confirm
Local station port no.40, 47, 54, 61, 68, 75, 82, 895000 (1388h)
Destination IP address41-42, 48-49, 55-56, 62-63, 69-70, 76-77, 83-84, 90-914294967295 (FFFFFFFFh) -
Destination port no.43, 50, 57, 64, 71, 78, 85, 9265535 (FFFFh) - Any

This example shows how to configure the FX3U-ENET module using an FX3U PLC program.

|                                                 |
| M8002          *<IP Addr           |
+--| |----+--------------[DMOV H0C0A8011A U0\G0]--+
|         |                                       |
|         +--------------------[MOV H110 U0\G24]--+
|         |                                       |
|         |      *<1:Melsoft Connection           |
|         +------------------[MOV H0A002 U0\G32]--+
|         |                                       |
|         |      *<2:Fernhill SCADA Connection  |
|         +--------------------[MOV H501 U0\G33]--+
|         |                                       |
|         +-------------------[MOV H1388 U0\G47]--+
|         |                                       |
|         +-------------[DMOV H0FFFFFFFF U0\G48]--+
|         |                                       |
|         +------------------[MOV H0FFFF U0\G50]--+
|         |                                       |
|         |      *<Write to flash ROM             |
|         +-------------------[MOV H9872 U0\G25]--+
|                                                 |

Program notes:

For more information refer to FX3U-ENET User Manual.

Configure Fernhill SCADA

The easiest way to configure Fernhill SCADA is to use the Mitsubishi Melsec UDP Autodetect Wizard. Based on the options you select the wizard will try different IP Addresses and Port numbers until the module is found. If a module is found you will be given an option to automatically create the correct configuration to communicate with the module.

If the autodetect wizard is not suitable you can configure Fernhill SCADA manually:

Manual Configuration

To communicate with the FX3U-ENET Ethernet module configured as in the previous example:

  1. Create a Mitsubishi Melsec UDP Channel tag.
  2. Set these property values:

    Host192.168.1.26The IP address of the FX3U-ENETEthernet module
    Port5000The port number of link 2 in the FX3U-ENET Ethernet module
  3. Create a Mitsubishi Melsec PLC Tag and associate it with the channel just created.

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