DirectLogic Data Address

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In DirectLogic PLC Devices, data is stored different different locations depending on the intended use of the data. For example:

The DirectLogic Data Address is a text string that defines the location of an item of data in a DirectLogic PLC. Fernhill SCADA uses the text string to locate items of data in the PLC.

DirectLogic Data Address

The DirectLogic Data Address consists of one or two device letters followed by a zero-based octal number:

Data Format Notes
Inputs Xnnnn Bit values
Outputs Ynnnn Bit values
Control Relays Cnnnn Bit values
Special Relays SPnnnn Bit values
Timer Values TVnnn 16-bit words
Timer Status Tnnn Bit values
Counter Values CVnnn 16-bit words
Counter Status CTnnn Bit values
Data Words Vnnnnn 16-bit words

Note: The numbers nnnn are octal and zero-based.

Where Used

The DirectLogic Data Address is used in these contexts:

Data Address Editor

The Data Address Editor is a convenient tool to build an Enron Modbus Data Address.

To open the Data Address Editor, click the Browse button Browse button of the IOItemName or Register property:

The DirectLogic data address editor.

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