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Data in Omron PLC Devices is stored different locations depending on the intended use of the data. For example, there are separate locations for I/O, Timer Values, Data Registers and so on.

The Omron PLC Data Address is a string that defines the location of data in an Omron PLC. It consists of optional device type letters, followed by one or more decimal digits:

Device Type Format Notes
I/O CIOnnnn[.bb]
The CIO prefix is optional. nnnn represents the I/O word. bb represents an optional bit number.
Link Relay LRnnn[.bb]
Used for a 1:1 link with another PLC
Holding Relay HRnnnn[.bb]
Value is retained when the power is turned off.
Data Memory DMnnnn[.bb]
Value is retained when the power is turned off.
Auxiliary Relay ARnnnn[.bb]
Timer Value Tnnnn
Timer Flag TSnnnn
Counter Value Cnnnn
Counter Flag CSnnnn
Expansion Data Memory EMmm.nnnn[.bb]
Only supported on the larger PLC Devices. mm represents the bank number

Note: The numbers in Omron PLC Data Addresses are zero-based.

Omron PLC Data Address Examples:

Address Description
0 The first word of the I/O area, for a modular PLC this is usually the first inputs.
1.15 The most significant bit of the second word of the I/O area.
10 The 10th word of the I/O area, usually the first outputs on a CPM1(A) or CPM2A.
CIO10 Alternative way of selecting the 10th word of the I/O area.
DM0000 The first Data Memory word, usually a user defined location.
EM00.100 Word 100 in Extended Memory Bank 0.

Where Used

The Omron PLC Data Address is used in these contexts:

Data Address Editor

The Data Address Editor provides a convenient tool to build Omron Data Address strings.

To open the Data Address Editor, click the Browse button Browse button of the IOItemName or MemoryAddress property:

Omron Memory Address Editor

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