Omron UDP Channel Tag

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The Omron UDP Channel Tag Channel Tag Icon provides a UDP SCADA communication channel to Omron PLC Devices.

Configuration Properties

The Omron UDP channel supports the properties of the Omron Channel Tag plus these properties:

Property Type Version Description
Host WSTRING 1.0 The host name or IP address of the PLC.
Port WSTRING 1.0 The port number (on the PLC) used for communications. The default port number for Omron is 9600.
StaticConversion BOOL 3.2 When set to true the driver sends outgoing messages from port 9600. This supports the PLC Address conversion modes: Automatic (static) or IP address table.
When set to false the driver sends outgoing messages on the ephemeral port associated with the UDP socket. This is more normal UDP behaviour but only works with the PLC in Automatic (dynamic) address conversion mode.

Tag Commands

The Omron UDP Channel Tag supports the tag commands of the Omron Channel Tag.

Example Configuration

This is an example of a channel configured to support Omron FINS over UDP protocol to host :


Relationships to Other Tag Types

The Omron UDP Channel Tag builds on the features of these tag types:

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