Omron Host Link PLC Tag

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The Omron Host Link PLC Tag PLC Device Tag Icon represents a logical link to an Omron PLC Device using the Host Link protocol.

Configuration Properties

The Omron Host Link PLC Tag supports the configuration properties of the Omron Device, plus these properties:

Property Type Version Description
Channel Reference 1.0 The Omron Serial Communication Channel to the device.
UnitNumber USINT 1.0 The address of the device (0 - 31).
UseMonitorMode BOOL 1.0 Whether the device should be placed in monitor mode (TRUE) or run mode (FALSE) when communication is established.


The Omron Host Link protocol does not allow write operations when the PLC is in RUN mode. To write data to an Omron PLC using the Host Link protocol, set the operating mode of the PLC to MONITOR. Fernhill SCADA can do this for you if you set the UseMonitorMode property to TRUE.

Tag Commands

The Omron Host Link PLC Tag supports the tag commands of the Omron PLC Tag.

Example Configuration

This is an example of an Omron PLC at address 0, communicating via a channel called ".Remote Plant":

Channel.Remote Plant

Relationships to Other Tag Types

The Omron Host Link PLC Tag builds on the features of these tag types:

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