Omron C200H-LK201 Host Link Adapter Connection Guide

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The Omron C200H-LK201(-V1) Host Link Adapter provides a serial communication link to an Omron C200H PLC. Applications, such as Fernhill SCADA, can use the module to monitor and control the status of an Omron C200H PLC.

The rest of this article uses the term Host Link Adapter to refer to the C200H-LK201(-V1) Host Link Adapter.

Connection Cables

The RS-232 port on the Host Link Adapter can connect directly to a serial port on a Personal Computer (PC). The serial port on a PC is usually a 9 pin D-subminiature connector. These cables are suitable to connect the PLC to a computer with a 9 pin D-subminiature connector:

As an alternative you can create your own cable using this wiring:

C200H-LK201 RS-232
D-Subminiature connector DB-25 plug wiring side shown
D-Subminiature connector DE-9 socket wiring side shown

Note: All other pins not shown in the above diagram have no connection.

Host Link Adapter Switch Settings

The relationship between Host Link Adapter switch settings and Fernhill SCADA configuration properties is:

Host Link Switch Fernhill SCADA Property
SW1 & SW2 UnitNumber in the Omron Host Link PLC Tag
SW3 & SW4 Mode in the Omron serial channel

SW1 and SW2

SW1 and SW2 set the host link unit number of the Host Link Adapter. SW1 sets the tens value and SW2 sets the units value. For example if SW1 is set to '1' and SW2 is set to '5', the host link unit number is '15'. This number should match the value in the UnitNumber field in the Omron Host Link PLC Tag.


SW3 on the front of the Host Link Adapter defines the baud rate of the communications link. The Mode property of the Omron serial channel should contain a matching Baud clause:

SW3Mode String Clause


SW4 on the front of the Host Link Adapter defines how each character is transmitted on the communications link. The Mode property of the Omron serial channel should contain matching clauses:

SW4Mode String Clause
0,1,2Parity=E Data=7 Stop=2
4,5,6Parity=O Data=7 Stop=2
8,9,AParity=E Data=8 Stop=1
C,D,EParity=O Data=8 Stop=1

DIP Switch

The DIP switch on the rear of the Host Link Adapter should be set to default values:

DIP SwitchRecommended setting
1Off (not used)
2Off (not used)
3On (Multiple link)
4Off (+5V power supply off)

For more information refer to the Omron Reference Manual W143 Sysmac Way Host Link Units.

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