Communicating with LOGO!

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Fernhill SCADA supports Ethernet connections to 0BA7 and 0BA8 LOGO! PLC Devices.

Ethernet Connection

You can directly connect Fernhill SCADA to a LOGO! PLC Device:

Fernhill SCADA ethernet connection to a LOGO! PLC using an Ethernet communication

For a detailed overview of setting up a LOGO! Ethernet module refer to Siemens LOGO! Ethernet Connection Guide.

If the LOGO! module is configured, you can use the Siemens S7 TCP Autodetect Wizard to try and locate the PLC on the network.

Further Information

Siemens LOGO! Ethernet Connection Guide

For how to configure a LOGO! PLC and Fernhill SCADA to work together.

Siemens S7 TCP Autodetect Wizard

For how to search a network for Siemens S7 PLC Devices and automatically create tags for any PLC Devices found.

Siemens S7 Driver

For information on the Siemens S7 Driver.

Fernhill SCADA Drivers

For information about other drivers available in Fernhill SCADA.


For the meaning of terms used in Fernhill SCADA.