Siemens LOGO! Ethernet Connection Guide

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The Siemens LOGO! PLCs with part numbers 0BA7 or 0BA8 all support Ethernet communications. Software programs such as Fernhill SCADA can monitor and control 0BA7 and 0BA8 LOGO! PLCs using the built-in Ethernet port.

Communication Overview

A typical communication scenario is shown in this diagram:

Diagram showing a Siemens LOGO! PLC connected to Fernhill SCADA running on a PC

To establish communications between Fernhill SCADA and a Siemens LOGO! PLC, you need to configure:

The rest of this article describes how to do this in more detail.

Setting up the Siemens LOGO! PLC

An Ethernet Siemens LOGO! PLC does not support S7 connections out of the box. S7 connections can only be configured using the configuration tool Siemens LOGO!Soft Comfort.

1. Start Siemens LOGO!Soft Comfort and load your PLC project:

Siemens LOGO!!Soft Comfort with a blank project

Note: The above picture shows diagram 0BA7 Example selected.

2. Right click on the Diagram you want to configure and select Properties... The properties dialog opens:

Siemens LOGO!!Soft PLC Properties Dialog

3. Enter suitable values for IP Address and Subnet Mask. Click OK to close the dialog. Right click on the Diagram again and select Ethernet Connections... The Configure Ethernet Connections dialog opens:

Siemens LOGO!!Soft Ethernet Connections Dialog

4. Right click on Ethernet Connections, and select Add server connection. The Ethernet Connections dialog will show a new connection:

Siemens LOGO!!Soft Ethernet Connections Dialog

5. Double click on the new connection. The Connection dialog will open:

Siemens LOGO!!Soft Connection Dialog

6. Enter these key parameters:

Clear Connect with an Operator Panel (OP) For the first connection, the TSAP field in Local Properties (Server) should be 20.00.
Select Accept all connection requests This will allow any client computer to connect to the PLC and helps with the initial setup of the connection. At a later stage you could clear this check box and enter a specific IP address to tighten security.
Enter 10.00 in the TSAP field in the Remote Properties (Client) section The Siemens S7 TCP Autodetect Wizard will try the TSAP combination 20.00 and 10.00 as part of its search for PLCs.

7. Click OK to close the Connection dialog. Click OK to close the Ethernet Connections dialog. Save the project.

8. Use the Tools, Transfer menu to download the new configuration to the LOGO! PLC.

Configuring Fernhill SCADA

There are two options for configuring Ethernet communications from Fernhill SCADA to a Siemens S7 PLC Tag:

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