Siemens S7 TCP Autodetect Wizard

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The Siemens S7 TCP Autodetect Wizard can simplify the setup of TCP/IP communications. The wizard tries different combinations of communication parameters until a Siemens S7 PLC is found. The wizard can automatically:

Note: The Wizard will only work if the physical connection to the device is wired correctly. If you run the Wizard with an incorrectly wired connection, the Wizard will not detect anything. It is worth spending time checking the physical connection is correct before running the Wizard.

Using the Siemens S7 TCP Autodetect Wizard

1. Start Configuration Tool. Use one of the connection options on the Start Page to connect to Fernhill SCADA.

2. Select the Tag Window in the Configuration Tool.

3. Right-click the folder where you want to import the detected configuration. The Tag Window context menu opens:

The tag window context menu showing the autodetect option

4. Click Autodetect.... The Autodetect... Wizard opens:

Autodetect Welcome Page

5. Click Next.... The Choose Device Type or Protocol page opens:

Autodetect Choose Driver

Note: You can only detect one device type or protocol at a time.

6. Select Siemens S7 TCP then click Next>. The Choose IP Address page opens:

Autodetect Choose IP Address

7. Enter the IP addresses you want to scan, then click Next>. The Choose TSAP Pair page opens:

Autodetect Choose TSAP Range

Note: The list of TSAP pairs represents the most likely defaults for Siemens S7 connections.

8. Enter the TSAP pair you want to scan, then click Next>. The Ready to Start page opens:

Autodetect Ready to Start

9. Review the autodetect parameters and, if you are satisfied with your selection, click Next>. The Autodetect Wizard will start:

Autodetect In Progress

Note: If you selected many options in the previous pages, the wizard will take a long time to run.

When the Autodetect Wizard has finished searching the progress bar shows Complete:

Autodetect Complete

10. If the Autodetect Wizard has found devices, you can click Next to review the results:

Autodetect Found Device

11. Click Finish to create suitable configuration to communicate with the device. Click No to cancel the operation.

If you clicked Yes, expand the NewConfiguration folder to see the automatically generated tags:

Autodetect New Configuration

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