SNMP Client Error Codes for I/O Data Point Tags

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There may be a number of reasons why SNMP Client Driver is unable to update the value of a data point tag. For example:

When there is an error, the SNMP Client Driver writes values to the TagErrorCode and DataSourceError properties to explain why.

The TagErrorCode field provides the primary reason why a tag is not updating:

TagErrorCode Description
0 No error.
1 The IODataSource property is not valid.
5 The data returned by the SNMP Agent could not be converted to the type required by the tag.
6 The IOItemName property is not a valid ASN1 object identifier.
20 The SNMP Agent responded with a PDU status error. The DataSourceError will contain the PDU status error code.
21 The reply from the SNMP Agent does not contain a variable binding list (VarBindList).
22 The reply from the SNMP Agent did not contain a value for this tag.
23 The SNMP Agent responded with a VarBind exception. The DataSourceError will contain the exception number.
24 The driver does not support the SNMP Data Type returned by the SNMP Agent. The DataSourceError will contain the data type that is not supported.
25 The SNMP Agent is offline.
26 Invalid username. The SNMP agent did not recognize the user configured in the V3UserName property.
27 Authentication error. The V3AuthPassword value is incorrect.
28 Response too big. The response was too large for the SNMP Agent. Consider decreasing GetRequestMaxObjects.
29 No such name. No such item exists in the SNMP Agent.

For certain TagErrorCode values, the DataSourceError field provides additional information.

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