ForceValue Tag Command

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The ForceValue tag command replaces the current value of a tag with a fixed constant value.



The new, forced value of the tag.


In some situations it may be appropriate to apply a force to a tag:

Forcing replaces the actual value read from the data source with a fixed value defined by the user. When forced, the actual value of the tag is still read, but is stored in these properties:

When the force is removed, using a RemoveForce Tag Command, the most recent actual value can be immediately restored.

The Value parameter is ANY_ELEMENTARY. ANY_ELEMENTARY is a generic data type, which allows any single value. For more information on ANY_ELEMENTARY and other generic data types see Generic Data Types.

The ForceValue tag command will attempt to convert the Value parameter into a type compatible with the host tag. To avoid errors you should ensure the Value parameter is compatible with the host tag. The type expected by the driver for a given tag type is shown in this table:

Tag TypeExpected Value Type
Double WordUDINT

You can execute ForceValue tag command from:

To use the ForceValue tag command, the user must have the Force User Right.


Fernhill SCADA VersionVersion 1.0
Required User RightForce

Applies To

The ForceValue tag command can be used with these tag types:

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