Tag Commands

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A Tag Command is an action, or a command, on a tag.

These tag commands are supported:

Tag Command Description
AcknowledgeAlarms Acknowledges all alarms associated with a database tag
AlarmPropertyOverride Overrides the property of an alarm.
AlarmPropertyRestore Restores a property of an alarm back to its configured value.
CommCheck Requests an immediate communication check with a data source.
DirectWriteBit Directly writes a single bit to a data source.
DirectWriteByte Directly writes one or more BYTEs to a data source.
DirectWriteString Directly writes a string to a data source.
DirectWriteWord Directly writes one or more WORDs to a data source.
DisableAlarms Disables all alarms associated with a database tag.
EnableAlarms Enables all alarms associated with a database tag.
ForceValue Applies a force to a Data Point Tag temporarily masking the real value.
Refresh Asks a tag to immediately read its value(s) from the data source.
RemoveForce Removes a force from a Data Point Tag restoring the actual value.
ResetStatistics Resets the statistics counters of a Channel Tag.
Run Requests the execution of a calculation or a program.
SendMessageTo Sends a message to a user.
SetClock Attempts to synchronize the real time clock of a PLC.
Write Asks a tag to write predefined values to a data target.
WriteValue Writes a new value to a database tag.
WriteValueQuality Writes a new value and quality to a database tag.

User Rights

Tag commands are protected by User Rights. To execute a tag command, the user must be granted the corresponding user right. For example: to execute a control request on a PLC, the user must have the Write user right for the corresponding tag.