Executing a Tag Command from VB.NET Code

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The following code fragment shows how to execute a tag command from a VB Program:

Module WriteValueToTag

    Sub Main()

        ' Allocate a new connection
        Dim connection As New Connection()

        ' Connect to Fernhill SCADA
        ' Note: This version of Connect uses integrated windows security where
        ' the Fernhill SCADA Server will automatically obtain an access token
        ' from the login credentials of the client.

        ' The tagCommand() function Is used to execute any tag command.  
        ' You must pass at least two parameters:
        '  1) The full name of the tag, in this example: TestFolder.DigitalTag
        '  2) The tag command to execute.  In this example: WriteValue
        ' The remaining parameters depend on the tag command.  This example uses WriteValue,
        ' which requires one extra parameter - the value to write.
        connection.TagCommand("TestFolder.DigitalTag", "WriteValue", True)

        ' Close the connection

    End Sub
End Module

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