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A Data Point Tag stores a single data value with an associated quality and timestamp.

These Data Point Tags are supported:

Icon Tag Type Version Description
Analog data point tag Analog Data Point Tag 1.0 A floating point value.
Digital data point tag Digital Data Point Tag 1.0 A single bit or boolean value.
Double word data point tag Double Word Data Point Tag 1.3 A 32-bit word value.
Long word data point tag Long Word Data Point Tag 3.48 A 64-bit word value.
String data point tag String Data Point Tag 1.2 A string value.
Word Data Point Tag Word Data Point Tag 1.2 A 16-bit integer value.

Configuration Properties

The Data Point Tag supports the configuration properties of the Core Tag plus these properties:

Property Type Version Description
AllowForce BOOL 3.21 Whether the user can force the tag's value to a fixed constant value.

Data Properties

The Data Point Tag supports the data properties of the Core Tag, plus these data properties:

Property Type Description
DataSource WSTRING A string describing where the tag data originates from.
IODataSource WSTRING The full name of the tag where the data originates from.
DisplayValue WSTRING The value of the tag after applying any display format.
DisplayUnits WSTRING Any units configured on the tag.
DisplayColor DWORD The display color of the tag.
HistoricDataTable STRING The name of the database table used to store historical values for this tag.

Relationships to Other Tag Types

The Data Point Tag builds on the features of these tag types:

The Data Point Tag is used as a building block for these tag types:

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