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Fernhill SCADA is a software product that is used to monitor and control industrial equipment. Information from the equipment is collected and stored in the Fernhill SCADA Server. The data can then be presented to operators in a variety of ways. For example:

Operators can use the information provided by Fernhill SCADA to monitor their equipment and process. They can use the information to optimize operation and respond to changes that may cause issues.

Roles in SCADA

In SCADA applications there are two important roles for people:

Operator An Operator is a person who manages equipment. They use a product like Fernhill SCADA to provide the information they need to ensure their equipment is running efficiently.
Engineer An Engineer is a person who configures the SCADA application to provide the information the Operator needs to manage their equipment.

In some small applications, the Operator and the Engineer are the same person. In most applications, the Operator and the Engineer are different people.

The intended audience for this Fernhill SCADA Getting Started Guide is the Engineer role.

Getting Started Guide Contents

The getting started guide is organized in 7 parts. To get the best from this guide, try to work through each part in order:

  1. Set up the Development Version.
  2. Learn about the Configuration Tool.
  3. Introduction to Tags and Folders.
  4. Introduction to Graphic Pages.
  5. Introduction to Trends.
  6. Copying and Pasting.
  7. Where Next?.

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