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If you are new to SCADA then please read our What is SCADA page first.

The aim of this guide is to:

The Configuration Tool has five work areas:

  1. The menu and toolbars at the top.
  2. The Tag Window on the left.
  3. The Status Monitor Window at the bottom.
  4. The Properties Window on the right.
  5. The work area in the center.
The configuration tool with labels for each section.

How to Use This Guide

The getting started guide is organized in 6 parts. To get the best from this guide, try to work through each part in order:

  1. Connect the Configuration Tool to a Fernhill SCADA Server.
  2. Introduction to Tags and Folders.
  3. Introduction to Graphic Pages.
  4. Introduction to Trends.
  5. Copying and Pasting.
  6. Where Next?.

If you prefer video guides then please use the Fernhill SCADA YouTube Channel.

Further information

Fernhill SCADA Training Videos

For video guides to the Configuration Tool.

Online Help

For an overview of the online help.


For the meaning of terms used in Fernhill SCADA.