Part 1: Introduction to the Configuration Tool

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Immediately after you launch the Configuration Tool, the work area shows a Start Page.

The Start Page provides:

The Fernhill SCADA Configuration Tool showing the start page.

Note: If for any reason the start page is not shown, click the View menu, followed by Start Page

Note: You can start the Configuration Tool at any time from the Windows Start Menu.

Connect the Configuration Tool

To make changes to a SCADA system, you must first connect the Configuration Tool to the Fernhill SCADA Server that runs the SCADA system. In this example you will connect the Configuration Tool to the Fernhill SCADA server running on the same computer as the Configuration Tool.

In the Recent Connections list, click the localhost entry. This action will do the following:

The Configuration Tool should now look like this:

The Fernhill SCADA Configuration Tool connected to Fernhill SCADA Server.

Some points to note:

What About Security?

When you clicked on the localhost entry, you were not asked for a username and password to connect to the Fernhill SCADA Server. The reason is the localhost connection uses Windows Integrated Security. With Windows Integrated Security the Fernhill SCADA Server uses your Windows login to identify you.

Next Steps

Continue with Part 2: Introduction to Tags and Folders.

Further information

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