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The graphic editor toolbar selects the active tool of the graphic editor:

Graphic editor toolbar

These tools are supported:

IconTool NameDescription
Run ModeRun ModeRun mode allows you to test graphics within the editor.
Debug ModeDebug ToolRuns Operator Actions through the IEC 61131-3 Debugger.
Select Shape ModeSelect ShapeSelects whole objects allowing you to make changes to those object(s).
Select Point ModeSelect PointSelects one or more points that define the position of objects.
Pen ToolPen ToolDraw complex shapes using straight and curved lines. Modify existing complex shapes.
Pan and Zoom ToolPan and Zoom ToolZoom in and out. Pan around the graphics page.
Canvas Properties ToolCanvas Properties ToolEdit the graphic page properties.
Add Line ToolAdd LineDraws simple lines by clicking and dragging.
Add Vertical Triangle ToolAdd Vertical TriangleDraw a simple, vertically oriented triangle by clicking and dragging.
Add Horizontal Triangle ToolAdd Horizontal TriangleDraw a simple, horizontally oriented triangle by clicking and dragging.
Add Rectangle ToolAdd RectangleDraw a simple rectangle by clicking and dragging.
Add ellipse ToolAdd EllipseDraw a simple ellipse by clicking and dragging.
Drawing Wizard ToolDrawing WizardDraw a complex shape using the drawing wizard.
Add Text ToolAdd TextAdd text by clicking and dragging.
Add Plot ToolAdd TrendAdd a trend by clicking and dragging.
Add Graphic ToolAdd Graphic (Symbol)Add a graphic symbol by clicking and dragging.
Add SQL List ToolAdd SQL ListAdd an SQL List by clicking and dragging.
Import File ToolImport FileAdd content from a file by clicking and dragging.

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