Keyboard Shortcuts

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You can use the keyboard shortcuts to select tools and perform certain edit operations.

Note: When in run mode, all graphic editor shortcuts are disabled. This avoids conflicts with operator action shortcuts defined with the ActionButtonShortcut property. See Shortcut Editor for how to edit shortcuts.

Note: To exit run mode, select any tool except the Run mode tool run mode icon on the toolbar.

Tool Shortcuts

Use these shortcuts to select the current tool:

Run modeRun Mode IconX
Debug modeDebug Mode IconD
Select Shape toolSelect Shape IconS
Select Point toolSelect Shape IconA
Pen toolSelect Shape IconP
Pan Zoom toolPan Zoom IconZ
Canvas Settings toolSettings IconQ
Add Line toolAdd Line IconL
Add Vertical Triangle toolAdd Vertical Triangle IconV
Add Horizontal Triangle toolAdd Horizontal Triangle IconH
Add Rectangle toolAdd Rectangle IconR
Add Ellipse toolAdd Ellipse IconE
Add Text toolAdd Text IconT
Add Plot ToolAdd Trend IconM
Add Graphic Symbol toolAdd Graphic IconG
Import File toolImport File IconI

Keys for Selecting

Switch to the last used selection toolCtrl
Select all itemsCtrl A
Select AbovePage Down
Select BelowPage Up
Cancel selectionCtrl Shift A

Keys for Changing the Grid

Toggle visible gridAlt G
Toggle snap to gridAlt Shift G

Keys for Editing

Delete selectionDel
Copy selectionCtrl C, Ctrl Ins
Cut selectionCtrl X, Shift Del
PasteCtrl V, Shift Ins
Undo the last editCtrl Z, Alt Backspace
Redo the last editCtrl Y, Ctrl Shift Z
Increase text sizeCtrl +, Ctrl Shift .
Decrease text sizeCtrl -, Ctrl Shift ,
Make groupCtrl G
Break groupCtrl Shift G
Bring forwardCtrl F
Bring to frontCtrl Shift F
Send backwardCtrl B
Send to backCtrl Shift B

Keys for Moving Shapes

Move left 1 grid unitLeft Arrow
Move right 1 grid unitRight Arrow
Move up 1 grid unitUp Arrow
Move down 1 grid unitDown Arrow
Move left 10 grid unitsShift Left Arrow
Move right 10 grid unitsShift Right Arrow
Move up 10 grid unitsShift Up Arrow
Move down 10 grid unitsShift Down Arrow

Further Information

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