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You can add simple shapes to the graphic page using one of the add shape tools:

Add line tool Adds a straight line
Add vertical triangle tool Adds a vertical triangle
Add horizontal triangle tool Adds a horizontal triangle
Add rectangle tool Adds a rectangle
Add ellipse tool Adds an ellipse

Use the Drawing Wizard to add complex shapes from a symbol library.

Adding New Shapes

To add a new shape to the canvas:

  1. Select the appropriate tool:Add line tool, Add vertical triangle tool, Add horizontal triangle tool, Add rectangle tool, Add ellipse tool.
  2. Press the mouse button down on the drawing canvas to start the new shape.
  3. Drag the cursor to define the size and orientation of the new shape.

    As you drag the cursor the size or length of the new shape will be shown in the Current Action Status Bar Indicator

  4. Release the mouse button to complete the shape.

Drawing Squares or Circles

When using the Add Rectangle Tool Add rectangle tool, or the Add Ellipse Tool Add ellipse tool, hold the <Shift> key down to force the shape to be a square or circle.

Drawing Lines Along Compass Directions

When using the Add Line Tool Add line tool, hold the <Shift> key down to constrain the direction of the line to one of the four compass directions:

Drawing Shapes Centered on the Start Point

When using any Add Tool, hold the <Alt> key down to draw a shape centered on the starting point.

Modifying Existing Shapes

Use the Selection Methods and Tools to reposition shapes or move the points that define the shape.

When a shape is selected, edit the Shape Properties using the Properties Window

Use the Pen Tool Pen mode icon to:

Temporarily Changing to Select Mode

While in add shape mode you can temporarily switch to the last select mode, by holding down the <Ctrl> key down.

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