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The Add SQL List Tool allows you to add an SQL List to a Graphic Page. The SQL List:

  1. Runs an SQL Command.
  2. Displays the results of the SQL Command in a table on a Graphic Page.

Using the Add SQL List Tool

To use the Add SQL List tool:

  1. Select the Add SQL List tool Add SQL List Symbol.
  2. Press the mouse button down on the drawing canvas.
  3. Drag the cursor to define the size and orientation of the new SQL List item.
  4. Release the mouse button to complete adding the SQL List Item.

Modifying an Existing SQL List

Use the Selection Methods and Tools to:

When an SQL List is selected, use the Properties Window to change the properties of the SQL List.

Temporarily Changing to Select Mode

When in Add SQL List Mode you can temporarily switch to the last select mode, by holding down the <Ctrl> key down.

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