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The Canvas Properties Tool Canvas Properties Tool displays the properties that apply to the whole drawing in the Properties Window.

Property List

These canvas properties are supported:

BackgroundColor The background color of this graphics page. See Color Values for the different ways you can configure a color. This property supports the color value 'Auto', which selects the current theme background color.
EmbeddedBorderThe border to draw around this graphic page when embedded on another graphic page.
GridEnableWhen set to True, edit operations are snapped to the grid.
GridSpacingThe spacing between each grid position in canvas units.
GridVisibleWhen set to True, the grid positions are visible.
Data Bindings
DataRefresh How often tag references in data bindings are refreshed from Fernhill SCADA.
FrameRefresh The interval between each screen redraw.
ProgramMainInterval How often the Main PROGRAM is run in the Global Bindings.
GlobalBindings Common Global Bindings code shared with other bindings.

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