SHL - Shift left by n bits

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Returns an integer value shifted left by n bits.

Informal Syntax:

SHL( In, N )

Formal Syntax:

SHL( In:=expression, N:=expression )


InANY_INTEGRALThe value to shift.
NANY_NUMThe number of bits to shift the value.

Return Value

The type of the return value is the same as the type of the In parameter.

The function SHL returns In shifted left N places.

If N is negative, the function shifts the value to the right.


ExampleReturn Value
SHL( 1, 4 )16
SHL( 16, -1 )8

Standards Compliance

Table 25.1 - IEC 61131-3 Second Edition.

Table 30.1 - IEC 61131-3 Third Edition.

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