ADD_TIME - Add two interval values

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Returns the sum of two interval values.

Informal Syntax:

ADD_TIME( In1, In2 )

Formal Syntax:

ADD_TIME( In1:=expression, In2:=expression )


In1TIMEThe first interval value.
In2TIMEThe second interval value.

In1 and In2 can be any interval values, positive or negative.

The function ADD can also be used to add two interval values.

Return Value

The function ADD_TIME returns the sum of In1 and In2.


ExampleReturn Value
ADD_TIME( T#5s, T#10s )TIME#15s
ADD_TIME( T#4h, T#-10h )TIME#-6h

Standards Compliance

Table 30.1b - IEC 61131-3 Second Edition.

Table 35.1b - IEC 61131-3 Third Edition.

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