Type Information Functions

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Fernhill SCADA supports these Type Information functions:

FunctionParameter TypeDescription
SizeOf ANY Returns the size, in bytes, of a type.
IsTypeOf ANY, TYPE Returns TRUE if the first parameter is the type of the second parameter.


The Type Information functions provide information about a type.


  1. Obtain the size, in bytes, of a type:
    Var A, B : DINT; End_Var
    A := SizeOf( B );

    The variable A will be assigned the value 4.

  2. Test whether an input variable to a function is an integer:
    Function CheckTypeIsInteger : BOOL
    Var_Input Item : ANY_ELEMENTARY; End_Var
        CheckType := IsTypeOf( Item, ANY_INT );

Standards Compliance

Type Information functions are an extension to the IEC 61131-3 standard.

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